Smooth Transitions where there are none. Liberation Footage and the Holocaust

Presentation by Ingo Zechner at the Conference "Research in Film and History: New Approaches, Debates and Projects", University of Bremen

What did film transition contribute to common visualizations of the Holocaust?

In “Nuit et brouillard” (1955) Alain Resnais uses smooth transitions between shots, color and black and white images, the presence and the past, concentration camps and extermination camps, to suggest a nexus where there sometimes is none or a different one than suggested. Ingo Zechner takes examples of such transitions and discusses how they contributed to a very common misunderstanding of the relation between the concentration camp system and the Holocaust. He will present new technologies to trace and (re-)contextualize the images.


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Friday, 30.11.2018, 11:00
Star Inn Hotel, Bahnhofsplatz 5-7, 28195 Bremen, Germany