May 2019: Workshop "Curation of Engagement Levels", Vienna 

On 20th and 21st of May experts from the VHH project partners met in Vienna in order to discuss relevant features for the future VHH Media Management and Search Infrastructure (MMSI). The structure and concept for the System has been presented by the technology partners MAX, TUW. 

March 2019: Workshop "Advanced Digitisation" in Washington, USA

Visual History of the Holocaust will provide a digital infrastructure for the analysis, research, annotation, enrichment and study of filmic records relating to the discovery of Nazi concentration camps and other atrocity sites. In the course of the project these historical films, which currently are dispersed across archival institutions in the USA, Great Britain, Russia and various former Soviet Republics, will be aggregated, digitized, analyzed and annotated. Apart from its geographical dispersal a main challenge is that the digital cultural materials need to be "fit for re-use" to allow for analysis and accurate annotation.

One main aim of the workshop was to share best practice approaches, protocols and procedures for digitization currently implemented but also to visit institutions and companies being expert in digitizing these historical films.

More information: LINK

Impressions of the advanced digitisation workshop: Link to slideshow

Impressions of the excursions to NARA and Colorlab: Link to slideshow

February 2019: kick-off event in Paris, France

At the École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales ÇFrançois Furetamphitheater¨ in Paris, our project partner CERCEC organized a kick-off event for the new project with experts and stakeholders from Paris. Michael Loebenstein presented the project as a representative of the project Coordination.

February 2019: Co-Creation Workshop "Curatorial Framework" in Vienna, Austria

In line with the kick-off meeting the VHH Consortium organised a co-creation workshop in order to discuss the several engagement levels that have been defined within the proposal phase. Five pre-defined groups have been organised in order to integrate experts with different expertise and know-how. The groups discussed the four different engagement levels and presented their results to the full plenum afterwards.

Impressions of the co-creation workshop: Link to slideshow

February 2019: Kick-off Meeting in Vienna, Austria

The kick-off meeting of the VHH project has been held in Vienna, Austria, from 27th of February to 1st of March 2019. The first day of the kick-off meeting was dedicated to integrate all involved persons into the project and to reach a common understanding about the project goals, administration and workplan. The second day was dedicated to the co-creation workshop mentioned above and the third day included a visit to the memorial sites of Mauthausen and Gusen.

Impressions of the 1st day: Link to slideshow

Impressions of the 3rd day: Link to slideshow