The VHH project comprises a total number of 48 public and non-public deliverables: reports, demonstrators and other types. The 19 non-public deliverables are made available to the Consortium Members, Associated Partners, and the European Commission only. The 29 public deliverables are accessible via this section of the VHH Website as soon as they have been completed and submitted.

D2.1 Advanced Digitization Tool Kit

This Advanced Digitization Tool Kit (ADTK) offers a comprehensive and tested set of best practice documents intended to inform the digitization of film materials, photographs, and text documents in film heritage institutions, archives, and libraries.

D2.2 Literature Database

This extract from the literature database complied by the VHH project contains a comprehensive list of relevant scholarly literature sorted by reference type and publication date.

D3.1 Definition of Engagement Levels, Usage Modes, and User Types

Despite its rather technical title, this document provides a conceptual framework of digital curation, presenting new possibilities to combine, create and collaborate in the exploration of the visual history of the Holocaust.

D3.2 Mind Map Visualizing Multimodal Curating

Engaging with the visual history of the Holocaust requires multimodal ways of curating that are tailored to the specific needs and interests of diverse users.

D3.3 Ethics Guideline

This guideline is based on a review of the most current and relevant best practice documents in the work with cultural heritage materials in the GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives, museums) sector, and the work with Holocaust-related materials in memorials and educational institutions.

D4.1 Controlled Vocabularies Specification

This deliverable summarizes the controlled vocabularies to be used in the VHH project as well as the methodologies and processes applied to create them.

D4.2 Metadata Integration Concept

This document is intended to inform the acquisition, management and enrichment of metadata pertaining to film materials and related non-filmic archival materials in film heritage institutions, other collecting institutions, or academic institutions.