Events 2021

H2020 "Visual History of the Holocaust"

Research Seminar 2021–2022, coordinated by Sarah Gruszka, Valérie Pozner, and Irina Tcherneva. Session 1

Thursday, 25.02.2021, 16:00 to Thursday, 25.02.2021, 18:00

In the first session of this research seminar, Natascha Drubek-Meyer (Free University of Berlin/ Fonte Stiftung, Peter Szondi-Institut Berlin) speaks about "The Making of Majdanek – Cemetery of Europe (1944)".

Consortium Meeting

Annual VHH Consortium Meeting

Tuesday, 23.02.2021, 15:00 to Wednesday, 24.02.2021, 19:00

At the beginning of the second half of the VHH project, this large Consortium Meeting provides a multi-perspective update on where we stand and where we go.

Advanced Digitization: Tool Kit & Best Practice Models

Presentation by Ingo Zechner at the online workshop “Teaching Digital Methods for Film Studies”, JGU Mainz

Friday, 19.02.2021, 11:00 to Friday, 19.02.2021, 12:00

What is advanced about Advanced Digitization? In this presentation, Ingo Zechner advocates for a comprehensive understanding of Advanced Digitization.

The VHH Horizon 2020 Innovation Action

Project presentation by Ingo Zechner at the online cluster meeting of the projects funded under the DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-12-2018-2020 topic, EU Commission, REA

Wednesday, 10.02.2021, 10:00 to Wednesday, 10.02.2021, 12:00

The topic comprises a group of six projects that have officially kicked-off. The objective of this first cluster meeting and its brief project presentations is to allow projects to get to know and learn from each other, to exchange, to share and start planning actions in synergy.

Exploitation Roadmap


Tuesday, 02.02.2021, 09:30 to Tuesday, 02.02.2021, 13:00

The aim of this internal mini-workshop is to further refine the VHH Results and Stakeholders Matrix, and to workshop the VHH project’s strategic approach to exploitation in preparation for the consortium meeting 2021 and upcoming deliverables.

Relation Detection


Tuesday, 26.01.2021, 14:00 to Tuesday, 26.01.2021, 17:00

Exploring the possibilities and challenges of automatic relation detection in films is the aim of this mini-workshop.

Text Analysis


Tuesday, 12.01.2021, 09:30 to Tuesday, 12.01.2021, 13:00

At the beginning of the second half of the VHH project, this joint mini-workshop gathers computer scientists, historians and media scholars to present and discuss the possibilities and further requirements of two software solutions employing automatic analysis tools developed in the course of the project: BOW (Batch OCR Webservice) and ArchAIvist.