Expanded Memories: Engaging with the History of the Holocaust in the Digital Age

Presentation by Tobias Ebbrecht-Hartmann at the Yad Vashem Partner Forum

Digital technologies can create new access to historical information and provide learning ecologies for engaging with the history and memory of the Holocaust.

This presentation describes digital platforms and projects that provide access to the history of the Holocaust from a distance and enable users to engage with historical sites and sources. While a platform such as TikTok is used by Holocaust memorials as an educational environment for introducing historical sites and offering insights into collections, the research and innovation action “Visual History of the Holocaust: Rethinking Curation in the Digital Age” uses mapping techniques to relate historical films produced during the liberation of concentration camps to the actual geographical locations. Other projects create virtual models of historical atrocity sites that did not leave any physical traces, and utilize virtual reality technology in order to render them accessible. 3D modeling offers the potential to create imaginative historical spaces that allow communicating personal stories and accessing historical information.

Tuesday, 14.03.2023, 10:00
Tuesday, 14.03.2023, 12:00
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International School for Holocaust Studies Yad Vashem
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