Yahad – In Unum


Yahad – In Unum combines the Hebrew word “Yahad”, meaning “together,” with the Latin phrase “In Unum”, meaning “as one”.  In the former Soviet Union, Yahad – In Unum records eyewitness testimonies and collects forensic evidence of mass killings of Jews and Roma to work towards identifying each execution site and mass grave. To this day, Yahad has effectuated research concerning over 3,240 execution sites and has gathered over 7,750 testimonies during research trips across eleven countries since 2004 (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Latvia, Slovakia, Estonia, Lithuania and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia). Teaching about the “Holocaust by bullets” based on Yahad’s unique collection of recorded witness testimonies has become a key mission of the organization. Created in the course of its In-Evidence project, Yahad – In Unum launched The Interactive Map of Holocaust by Bullets (https://yahadmap.org/#map/). Founded by Father Patrick Desbois, Yahad – In Unum is a non-profit association governed by the French law of July 1st 1901 and the French decree of August 16th 1901.

Role in the Project

Yahad – In Unum generously shared a large number of its unique eyewitness testimonies for research in the framework of the VHH project. Documenting atrocity sites that have also been covered by Soviet film documents, 122 of these video recordings have been included in the VHH Oral Histories Collection.