Visual History of the Holocaust – Analyzing and Transforming Visual Memory with Digital Means

Released at Thursday, 26.01.2023

On the occasion of Holocaust Remembrance Day 2023, the EU Horizon 2020 research project "Visual History of the Holocaust: Rethinking Curation in the Digital Age" (VHH) will provide insights into the results of its work in a series of events.

How do (moving) images shape our visual memory? And how can we intervene in this process with digital means? These are the guiding research questions of the VHH project coordinated by the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Digital History together with the Austrian Film Museum. Starting from the extreme case of the images taken by Allied cameramen in the course of the liberation of concentration camps and other sites of Nazi mass crimes, the project’s aim is to rethink curation in the digital age.

Press Release (German Version)