Stephanie Billib

Stephanie Billib has handled press and public relations for the Lower Saxony Memorials Foundation since 2009. She is the point of contact for all press enquiries relating to the Bergen-Belsen Memorial and is responsible for the public presentation of the Memorial. She has managed the Memorial’s “Digital Strategy” since 2014. In connection with digital strategies, she is working with SPECS lab, Barcelona to develop database-driven applications for visitor guidance. Her research areas are Hungarian prisoners in Bergen-Belsen and connecting digital media and communication. Stephanie is a historian and began working in visitor support for the Bergen-Belsen Memorial in 2000. She has conducted research and interviews and made translations for the Research and Documentation department.

Participation in Events

Pre-Kick-off Meeting


Friday, 19.10.2018, 09:15 to Saturday, 20.10.2018, 18:00

Kick-off Meeting


Wednesday, 27.02.2019, 09:15 to Friday, 01.03.2019, 20:00

Consortium Meeting


Tuesday, 23.02.2021, 15:00 to Wednesday, 24.02.2021, 19:00

Digital strategies and social media expert, main contact and representative of the Bergen-Belsen Memorial
Anne-Frank-Platz 1, 29303 Lohheide - Germany