Digital Digging: Traces, Gazes, and the Archival In-Between

Traces and gazes have become leading paradigms in dealing with the (visual) history of the Holocaust within academia.

This multi-modal project, composed of the following paper and the video essay “The Archival In-Between”, reflects on the connection between traces and gazes, proposing to think of them as a gaze-trace ‘entity’, which resides in an in-between state. Connecting, juxtaposing, manipulating, and fragmenting various textual and filmic traces from the audiovisual heritage of the Holocaust, the project explores this gaze-trace entity in a self-reflexive manner. It performs a theoretical, empirical, ethical, and poetic investigation into the ‘in-betweenness’ potential of the archive footage by digital means. In so doing, the project aims at exploring and demonstrating the inherent potential of videographic methods to study audiovisual memory.

Additional information on the video

“The Archival In-Between” received an honorable mention in the Video Essay competition at the Adelio Ferrero Festival, Italy, 2021 and several nominations in the BFI Sight & Sound “Best video essays of 2021” list.

You can watch the video here

Evelyn Kreutzer, Noga Stiassny: Digital Digging: Traces, Gazes, and the Archival In-Between, in: Research in Film and History. Audiovisual Traces, no. 4 (February 2022), S. 1–13.