Noga Stiassny

Nora Stiassny is a postdoctoral researcher at the DAAD Center for German Studies, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she is also a member of the international research group “Commemorating the Holocaust in the Digital Age: Immersion―Augmentation―Virtual Reality’ (DAAD Center for German studies, Hebrew University). Her dissertation, “Artscapes: Israeli Art and the Landscapes of the Holocaust”, was completed whilst a member of the Research Training Group “Vergegenwärtigungen: Repräsentationen der Shoah in komparatistischer Perspektive” in the Department of Art History at the Hamburg University, and a Guest Researcher at the Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture of the University of Amsterdam (AHM). Noga Stiassny is also a former member of the research group “German postwar visual history in a European framework: historiography, appropriation, legal regulation” (DAAD Center for German Studies, Hebrew University, 2015–2016), and “Humanities and the Crises of Globalization: The Middle Eastern Perspective” (Minerva Humanities Center and Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas, Tel Aviv University, 2014–2015), among others. Since 2016, Stiassny has volunteered for several commemorative and artistic projects such as “Ort der Verbundenheit: A Space to Remember, Connect and Support” (Hamburg, 2017–2018), “Social Bookmarking Qingdao” and “Social Bookmarking Hamburg” (Hamburg, Gängeviertel, 2016―2018). Her research interests are art history, visual history, heritage, memory, and Jewish culture, with a particular focus on landscape and spatial representation, on which she has published several articles.

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