D4.2 Metadata Integration Concept

This document is intended to inform the acquisition, management and enrichment of metadata pertaining to film materials and related non-filmic archival materials in film heritage institutions, other collecting institutions, or academic institutions.

As the FIAF Cataloguing Manual states “accurate, well-organized descriptions of both filmographic and technical information” about the heritage materials acquired, ingested and used “constitute the key to accessing collections by external users such as scholars, researchers and the general public – both now and for future generations.”

The Metadata Integration Concept includes a proposed metadata schema – the VHH-EFG Metadata Schema – that will effectively:

  • serve the purpose of capturing existing metadata on archival materials, in particular film heritage materials;
  • meet the requirements of new database technologies;
  • remain compatible with existing relevant standards and schemas, in particular the ones employed by VHH Consortium members and widely adopted in the European flagship program European Film Gateway (EFG).

This document may also be used as a best practice guide by institutions evaluating models and schemas to manage rich time-based metadata.

WP4 Curation and enrichment of Metadata
Task 4.2 Integration of existing metadata