Kerstin Herlt

Kerstin Herlt holds a master’s degree in Roman Philology, Sociology and European Media Studies. She joined the Deutsches Filminstitut in 2001 where she was coordinating the project “f_films”, a database and filmography of female film pioneers in Germany and filmmakers in Europe. From 2005–2017 she was managing the German office of ACE, the Association des Cinémathèques Européennes. She has been coordinating ACE’s collaboration in EU funded projects such as the European Film Gateway (2008–2011), a central access point to the digital collections of film archives across Europe, the World War One film digitization project “European Film Gateway 1914” (2012–2014), the orphan works project FORWARD (2013–2017) and the film literacy project ABCinema (2014–2016). Kerstin Herlt rejoined the DFF – Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum in 2018 as European Projects Coordinator.

Participation in Public Deliverables

D1.5 EU Commission Policy Brief: Fostering Media-Literate Cultural Memory


D1.6 EU Commission Policy Brief: ECCCH – No Cultural Heritage Cloud Without Audiovisual Media


D2.4 Database of Films, Artworks, and other Visual Culture Products


D4.2 Metadata Integration Concept


Participation in Events

Pre-Kick-off Meeting


Friday, 19.10.2018, 09:15 to Saturday, 20.10.2018, 18:00

Kick-off Meeting


Wednesday, 27.02.2019, 09:15 to Friday, 01.03.2019, 20:00



Monday, 21.10.2019, 09:00 to Tuesday, 22.10.2019, 16:00

Consortium Meeting


Tuesday, 23.02.2021, 15:00 to Wednesday, 24.02.2021, 19:00

Tracing Visual Evidence of the Holocaust: Challenges of the Digital Curation of Liberation Footage across Archives and Disciplines


Tuesday, 26.04.2022, 09:00 to Tuesday, 26.04.2022, 10:30

Moving Images from the Archives. Historical Footage of Nazi Crimes in Documentaries


Sunday, 08.05.2022, 18:00 to Tuesday, 10.05.2022, 17:00

Documenting Nazi Crimes through Film: Soviet Union, 1942–1945


Thursday, 24.11.2022, 09:30 to Sunday, 27.11.2022, 16:30

Vernetzte Bilder: Digitale Zugänge zum audiovisuellen Erbe des Holocaust

Monday, 11.12.2023, 14:00 to Tuesday, 12.12.2023, 17:45

Participation in Media Reports

Bildsprache des Massenmords: Digitalisierungsprojekt „Visual History of the Holocaust"

SWR2, Wednesday, 27.01.2021

Participation in Videos

Tracing Visual Evidence of the Holocaust – Summary of Concepts and Outlook

Tuesday, 26.04.2022

Film institutions expert, filmographic metadata expert (Cinematography of the Holocaust)
Schaumainkai 41, 60596 Frankfurt am Main – Germany