Eva Stories

The SIP – A smart podcast - Thursday, 16.07.2020

Podcast by Lital Henig and Tobias Ebbrecht-Hartmann about the social media commemoration project “Eva Stories” on Instagram and new forms of digital storytelling and social media witnessing

The third episode of the SIP Podcast by the Smart Family Institute of Communication at the Hebrew University with Tobias Ebbrecht-Hartmann and Lital Henig discusses the controversial Instagram sensation “Eva Stories” (2019) in relation to the concept of media witnessing. During the conversation the two respondents contextualize the social media commemoration project, which was uploaded during Holocaust Remembrance Day in 2019, and introduce different modes of media witnessing on social media: the journalist witnessing mode, the atrocity witnessing mode, and the social media witnessing mode. Finally, they situate “Eva Stories” in relation to other forms of interactive digital storytelling in the context of Holocaust memory.