Lital Henig

Lital Henig, born 1988, is a PhD candidate at the Department of Communication, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She holds a master’s degree in Communication and Journalism and a bachelor’s degree in Art History and Communication and Journalism, both from the Hebrew University. Her M.A. dissertation (supervised by Prof. Raya Morag) focused on representations of the Jewish Sonderkommando in cinema 1985-2015, and the spectatorial modes evident in those films. Her PhD dissertation in entitled “Representing the Holocaust in the 21st Century: Cinema, Architecture, Graphic Novels” and is supervised by Professor Raya Morag. Lital Henig’s areas of interest include Holocaust studies, visual arts, culture studies, film studies, witnessing and testimonials, and trauma studies. She currently serves as research assistant in the Hebrew University’s research team of the international EU funded 4 year project “Visual History of the Holocaust: Rethinking Curation in the Digital Age”.

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In-between persecution and pandemic: Israel is re-examining the memory of the Holocaust in the times of Corona (in Hebrew)

KAN (online), Monday, 20.04.2020

Researcher (curation of popular culture content: graphic novels & films)
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Department of Communication and Journalism / European Forum, Mount Scopus, 9190501 Jerusalem – Israel