Champ contre-champ, les images des camps

Radio France, France Culture, Le Cours de l’histoire - Monday, 27.01.2020

Presentation of Irina Tcherneva and Valérie Pozner in the radio broadcast ‘Le Cours de l’histoire’ by Xavier Mauduit with the participation of filmmaker Christophe Cognet and historian Annette Wieviorka, broadcast by the French public radio channel ‘France Culture’

Three types of images are presented in this radio feature (“Shot reverse shot. The images of the camps”): clandestine photos taken in Nazi camps, films recorded by the British Allies during liberation and Soviet films shot during the Red Army’s discovery of Nazi massacre sites and camps. Aiming at a wider audience Tcherneva and Pozner discuss the emergence of Soviet images, the extent of their distribution, and their adaptation to various audiences (Soviet, republicans within the USSR, foreigners). They also address the repercussions of the anti-Semitism of certain Soviet leaders, particularly in the post-war period, on the visibility of the extermination of Jews and Gypsies on Soviet screens, and show the scope of the rushes on materials preserved in the archives.