Josef Weber

Josef Weber is an MSc student at the TU Wien. As part of the VHH project he is currently working on his master thesis in the field of Business Informatics. His research interests aim to build the bridge between Business Informatics and the Data Science domain. Utilizing the power of data-driven visualization and predictive analytics are the main focus of his work.

Participation in Events

Text Analysis


Tuesday, 12.01.2021, 09:30 to Tuesday, 12.01.2021, 13:00

Consortium Meeting


Tuesday, 23.02.2021, 15:00 to Wednesday, 24.02.2021, 19:00

VHH Research Seminar – Session 5: Soviet Filmed Atrocity Images on American Movie Screens, 1942–1945, and Some Partial Answers to the Questions of What, When, Where and By Whom?

Research Seminar

Tuesday, 15.06.2021, 18:00 to Tuesday, 15.06.2021, 20:00

VHH Research Seminar – Session 11: By Filming, by Writing. Photographic Testimonies of the Nazi Camps

Research Seminar

Thursday, 09.06.2022, 16:00 to Thursday, 09.06.2022, 18:00

Master student, researcher and developer (automated text analysis)
Favoritenstraße 9-11/194-04, 1040 Vienna – Austria