D2.3 Digitized Collection of Text Documents related to Footage and Films

Film documents about Nazi concentration camps and other atrocity sites have been accompanied by a number of other primary sources such as text documents and photographs. This deliverable details the scope and content of the Visual History of the Holocaust project’s Primary Sources Collection.

Identification, localization and digitization of primary sources accompanying the filmic documentation of Nazi atrocities is an ongoing process that will continue until the end of the VHH project. This task like no other in the project has been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic with its travel restrictions and the long-term shutdown of many relevant archives.

In the first half of the project, the VHH Team members involved nevertheless managed to create a significant collection of metadata and digitized assets described and explained in this deliverable.

WP2 Curation and advanced digitisation of assets
Task 2.5 Curation and advanced digitisation of photographs
Task 2.7 Curation and advanced digitisation of text documents