D2.6 Expert Videos on Popular Culture Content

Fostering the VHH project’s multimodal curatorial approach we recorded a series of expert videos that focus on the historical context and the afterlife of liberation and atrocity footage in popular culture.

The expert videos are intended to be integrated into the VHH-MMSI as visual objects with their own metadata, and thereafter, to be accessed through the VHH-MMSI so that the user will be able to interact with them digitally. In addition, edited versions will be featured on the VHH Website as pre-curated material. 

The videos aim to provide a comprehensive review of some of the historical sources and visual information available in the VHH-MMSI, will help the user to see a digital asset presented in the VHH-MMSI in a broader context, and assist in recognizing new relations between different objects and digitized assets. They are targeted at all potential VHH stakeholders and users and are designed to offer a variety of voices from experts working in academia.

Users will be able to access the interviews via the VHH-MMSI either as full-length interview, as short thematic segments or as an edited short video. The possibility of exploring a visual object that manifests a visual relation to liberation imagery alongside an interview with an expert explanation anchors this imagery in a broader historical and cultural context, thereby enriching the experience and the knowledge gained during the use of the VHH-MMSI. Moreover, the option offered to the user to work with the expert video as a raw recorded material opens a window to a wide range of new media products of educational value.

WP2 Curation and advanced digitisation of assets
Task 2.8 Curation and advanced digitisation of popular culture content