D3.2 Mind Map Visualizing Multimodal Curating

Engaging with the visual history of the Holocaust requires multimodal ways of curating that are tailored to the specific needs and interests of diverse users.

This mind map visualizes the complex ways of multimodal curating that constitutes the conceptual basis of the Visual History of the Holocaust Media Management and Search Infrastructure (VHH-MMSI). Tailored to specific user groups, four interconnected engagement scenarios present multiple forms of using and engaging with the audiovisual sources and manifold digital assets preserved in the VHH online repository. Moving between three engagement levels – a basic, an advanced and an on-site engagement level – users can access, view, search, select, annotate and edit content in various ways, corresponding to specific personal or professional interests. The “First Time Encounter”-scenario introduces the VHH-MMSI through online exhibitions and audiovisual essays, offering the possibility to access content in a viewing mode. Researchers, media producers, as well as collaborative groups and projects can use advanced search functions and gather relevant materials in personal and shared workspaces. During on-site visits at atrocity sites, users can access relevant sources and directly relate them to their physical encounter with the help of mobile devices.

WP3 Curation of engagement levels of digital assets
Task 3.1 Development of curatorial framework