D3.4 Framework for Tool Kits, Best Practice Models and Future Network Activities

Based on Tool Kits, Best Practice Models, the Visual History of the Holocaust Media Management and Search Infrastructure (VHH-MMSI) and software solutions developed in the course of the project, results of the VHH project can be applied to a variety of areas, involving librarians, curators, researchers, and content producers. These results provide new forms of engagement which also reach beyond the project’s specific scope.

With the curatorial, technological and methodological solutions developed in this project, we do not only contribute to the future preservation and accessibility of, as well as engagement with audiovisual heritage of the Holocaust. We also address a broad variety of scholars, researchers, developers and other external stakeholders dealing with questions related to audiovisual heritage, visual memory, and digital humanities as well as the exploration and analysis of audiovisual records with digital means. 

In this document, we outline the curatorial framework for the dissemination and exploitation strategies with respect to results, which we could already identify in a variety of segments of our previous interdisciplinary work. Therefore, we explore potential use cases of our Tool Kits, Best Practice Models, the VHH-MMSI and software solutions. 

The selected use cases respond to the growing interest in digital humanities and new audiovisual methods of exploring historical films and other media objects. We offer solutions for the advanced digitization of film assets and the curation of digital visual materials. We describe how our software solutions can assist researchers from a broad range of disciplines and ease archival research as well as the analysis of huge sets of audiovisual data.  

The research methods developed within the VHH project provide a model for future research projects. The VHH-MMSI is a tool for planning and curating exhibitions or producing audiovisual essays. The software solutions developed by the VHH project can be used for other digital projects, for future research proposals and projects, proposals for historical exhibitions, artistic activities and projects, and others. The research and technological infrastructure will save such initiatives time and money, while providing a research ground that has already proven its value. 

WP3 Curation of engagement levels of digital assets
Task 3.1 Development of curatorial framework