Michael Dittenbach

Michael Dittenbach is co-founder of and Senior Information Access Engineer at max.recall information systems GmbH. He received his M.Sc. in computer science in 2000 and his doctoral degree in 2003 from TU Wien. Since 1998, Michael has been passionate about algorithms for retrieving and automatically organizing information and using them to create meaningful real-world applications. In 2001, he started designing and implementing his first search engine for a tourism information system using natural language processing technologies and ontologies. He also developed an extensive neurocomputing tool kit for data clustering and visualization, which is available as open source software. After his work at a center for applied research in the area of e-Commerce, which also included giving several lectures at the university, Michael was co-founder of a Vienna-based startup developing 3D virtual world solutions for real estate applications. In his roles as senior researcher and member of the Professional Services team at a patent information services provider, he learned a lot about the intellectual property domain and about patent data and searching, which was the perfect playground for developing innovative data management and search applications using technologies such as Elasticsearch, Lucene and UIMA among many others. Over the years, Michael Dittenbach has accumulated over 60 scientific publications, gained experience in running national and international research projects, reviewed for major scientific journals and conferences and organized several scientific workshops.

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Holocaust Remembrance Day – Digitales Kuratieren


Friday, 27.01.2023, 09:00 to Friday, 27.01.2023, 12:30

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