Stefanie Pilzweger-Steiner

Stefanie Pilzweger-Steiner, born 1985, studied European Cultural History and European Women’s and Gender History in Augsburg, Reading (UK), Vienna and Budapest. The topic of her doctoral thesis was “Masculinity Between Emotion and Revolution: A History of Emotions in the West German ’68 Movement”. Since 2014, Stefanie Pilzweger-Steiner has worked in the fields of research, publication and exhibition curation at Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site. In 2018, she was promoted to Senior Research Advisor at the site and is heavily involved in a current project which will include the redevelopment of a new permanent exhibition. In cooperation with the University of Konstanz, she organized the conference “Entgrenzte Erinnerung” in January 2019. This involved academics, professional researchers, within the related fields, as well as staff from memorial sites coming together to discuss the topic of memorial culture within the post-memory generation (conference volume, De Gruyter Oldenbourg, 2020). In addition to her other duties at the memorial site, Stefanie Pilzweger-Steiner is currently working in close cooperation with a media film team on the production of a new documentary film looking at the history of Dachau concentration camp. This film will form part of the new permanent exhibition at the memorial site.

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Documenting Nazi Crimes through Film: Soviet Union, 1942–1945


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Research advisor, main contact and representative of the Dachau Memorial
Alte Roemerstraße 75, 85221 Dachau – Germany