D2.2 Literature Database

This extract from the literature database complied by the VHH project contains a comprehensive list of relevant scholarly literature sorted by reference type and publication date.

As VHH aims at linking images and texts, an important objective of the project has been collecting and referencing key scholarly literature on the historical context and interpretation of filmic and photographic materials.

VHH tested several reference management systems and decided to use the software “Citavi”. The tools provided by the software have been employed and adapted to serve the specific purposes of the project:

  • collecting and referencing scholarly literature
  • collecting and referencing non-filmic/photographic primary sources
  • attaching OCR processed PDF files to references
  • annotating imported references and creating quotations from the text

Metadata has been added to references and quotations via two functions:

  • Groups have been designed to sort references according to external qualities, e.g. to create a structured bibliography of primary and secondary sources.
  • Categories have been used to create a controlled vocabulary and to index primary and secondary sources.

The VHH Literature Database is a living database that is constantly expanded and used until the end of the project. This list only presents a snapshot as of December 20, 2019, and only contains the core reference information.

WP2 Curation and advanced digitisation of assets
Task 2.7 Curation and advanced digitisation of text documents