D2.4 Database of Films, Artworks, and other Visual Culture Products

The Visual History of the Holocaust project catalogs and collects popular culture representations of the Holocaust that absorb, preserve, carry, transform, and reflect on the memory of the concentration camps. This Popular Culture Collection comprises films, artworks, graphic novels, video games and Internet memes introduced in the deliverable.

For our collection, we identified the most important media environments, into which atrocity images and their visual recreations migrated and in which they continuously circulate. Furthermore, we covered a broad scope of analog and digital, old and new media. Finally, we identified media-specific methods of adopting and transforming visual records from the Holocaust into particular media forms.

The VHH Popular Culture Collection provides the basis of the VHH Premium Content. This deliverable outlines our understanding of popular culture content, defines each collecting area and collecting scope, describes particular methods, and specifies the qualities of Premium Content.

In the VHH Popular Culture Collection, we document representations of the Holocaust that we identify as related to the visual records of Nazi atrocities and the liberation of concentration camps and create respective data sets to be included in the Visual History of the Holocaust Media Management and Search Infrastructure (VHH-MMSI). These data sets contain metadata about the specific materials as well as digital respectively digitized media assets.

WP2 Curation and advanced digitisation of assets
Task 2.8 Curation and advanced digitisation of popular culture content