Anna Högner

Anna Högner graduated in Film and Media Studies and Educational Science with a focus on film history, film and media theory and the history of education. She worked as an exhibition coordinator, educator and curator at Filmarchiv Austria (2015–2020) where she (co-)curated several exhibition projects such as Unwanted Cinema. Exiled Filmmakers in Vienna and Budapest 1933–1938 (2019) and Analog/Digital. Media (Ex)changes (2017) and Valeska Gert. Face – Body – Movement (2017). She was a staff member at the research project “The Wien-Film. A comprehensive Analysis of the studio 1938–1945” (2018–2021) at the Austrian Academy of Science. In 2020 she joined the Austrian Film Museum team and the VHH project as a research associate.

Article Author

Filmgeschichte als Visual History: Digitale Zugänge zu Europas Dunklem Erbe

Anna Högner, Filmgeschichte als Visual History: Digitale Zugänge zu Europas Dunklem Erbe, in: Katharina Günther, Stefan Alschner (Hg.), Sammlungsforschung im digitalen Zeitalter: Chancen, Herausforderungen und Grenzen, Göttingen 2024, 209–218.

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VHH Research Seminar – Session 3: Soviet Footage on Nazi Crimes and Its Textual Documentation: Identification and Research Issues

Research Seminar

Tuesday, 06.04.2021, 16:00 to Tuesday, 06.04.2021, 18:00

VHH Research Seminar – Session 5: Soviet Filmed Atrocity Images on American Movie Screens, 1942–1945, and Some Partial Answers to the Questions of What, When, Where and By Whom?

Research Seminar

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Digital Overload: Curating Big Data


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VHH Research Seminar – Session 7: How to Tell the Story of Liberated Concentration Camps: On the Written Documents of British Cameramen and Filmmakers

Research Seminar

Tuesday, 23.11.2021, 16:00 to Tuesday, 23.11.2021, 18:00

Die Todesmühlen (1945)


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Tracing Visual Evidence of the Holocaust: Challenges of the Digital Curation of Liberation Footage across Archives and Disciplines


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Moving Images from the Archives. Historical Footage of Nazi Crimes in Documentaries


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Migrating Images and Image Migration: How Popular Culture Shapes the Visual History of the Holocaust


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Documenting Nazi Crimes through Film: Soviet Union, 1942–1945


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Das Fortunoff Video Archive, Überlebende und "archivarischer Aktivismus"


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Filmkuratierung umdenken – Digitale Zugänge zu Europas dunklem Erbe


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Vernetzte Bilder: Digitale Zugänge zum audiovisuellen Erbe des Holocaust

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VHH-MMSI: Relaunch der CdH auf der Visual History of the Holocaust Plattform

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CLOSE UP! Bilder von Gräueltaten – ethische Überlegungen zur Arbeit mit Fotos und Film im Kontext des Holocaust


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Curating (big) data in film heritage institutions

Tuesday, 19.10.2021

Combining Sources on Nazi Atrocities: A Metadata Schema to Describe, Relate and Annotate Film and Non-Film Material

Tuesday, 26.04.2022

Depicting Atrocities: Ethics of Sharing Holocaust Images

Thursday, 24.11.2022

The Documentation of the Liberated Camps for Soviet Prisoners of War Using the Example of Lamsdorf (Silesia)

Saturday, 26.11.2022

Datenmodelle und Vokabulare

Friday, 27.01.2023

Researcher and curator; expert for GLAM sector needs and results
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