Anna Högner

Anna Hoegner graduated in Film- and Media Studies and Educational Science with a focus on film history, film and media theory and the history of education. She worked as an exhibition coordinator, educator and curator at Filmarchiv Austria (2015-2020) where she (co-)curated several exhibition projects such as “Unwanted Cinema. Exiled Filmmakers in Vienna and Budapest 1933-1938” (2019) and “Analog/Digital. Media (Ex)changes” (2017) and “Valeska Gert. Face – Body – Movement (2017). She is a staff member at the research project “The Wien-Film. A comprehensive Analysis of the studio 1938-1945” (2018-2021) at the Austrian Academy of Science. In 2020 she joined the Filmmuseum team and the VHH project as a research associate.

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Researcher and curator; expert for GLAM sector needs and results
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